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Saros Bay LNG - FSRU ( Floating Storage Regasification Unit ) Project

Project Details

This project includes the Jetty design for the "Floating LNG Storage and ReGasification Units (FSRU)", which carries out the transportation of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) with LNG carrier vessels, storage and regasification with floating systems, and also the construction of connection systems to the jetty and the construction of liquid natural gas. It includes the connection of the gas to the existing BOTAŞ natural gas system through the metering station by transforming it into gas phase.


Within the scope of the project, construction of the FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) jetty to be performed in Saros Bay, piping design, obtaining electrical permits from official institutions, design of the entire electrical system, automation and control system design, as well as fire systems and fire water intake structure in accordance with NFPA standards. Many documents have been prepared, including the design of the metering station in complience with international sensitivity levels, safety and HAZOP risk assessment studies.




Business Area:

Loading & Metering Stations


Completion Date:




Edirne / Turkey



600m2 OnShore Site Area, 16" x 2 Marine Loading Arm, Blowdown System, Jetty Piping, Metering & Pig Station, Fire Detection & Fighting System with Marine Pump Station

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