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SOCAR - Star Refinery - Petkim - STAD Process Safety Analysis

Project Details

Within the scope of the project, the suitability of the projects planned to be realized in STAR Refinery, PETKİM Petrochemical facility and SOCAR Turkey Storage facilities, which are SOCAR Turkey enterprises, is evaluated in terms of process safety.

The studies started in the half of 2020, and in the first year, 9 projects were completed for HAZOP studies, LOPA analyzes and SIL verification studies.

Koryon Engineering has completed these works, which are critical for process safety, in the desired detail and quality. After mutual satisfaction, the work continues by increasing the duration and scope of the contract.


Socar / Star Rafineri / Petkim / Stad                                   

Business Area:

Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities

Completion Date:




Izmir / Turkey



HAZOP studies, LOPA analysis, SIL allocation and verification studies

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