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Yanbu-Madinah Water Transfer Line Phase-4

Project Details:

This project includes the treatment of sea water to drinking water, underground and surface pipingand the necessary  pump  station  design  between  the  cities of Yanbu  and  Medina,  which  are  200  km  apart.  The designed  project  piping planning,  valves  and  equipment  were  examined,  and  balance  stations  were established against all problems that may arise due to the high volume. The entire project has been delivered with detailed layout drawings and stress analyzes and is being successfully projected. The cooling system of the main and booster pumps is designed as a closed system; auxiliary, maintenance and control equipment is being prepared.




Business Area:

Pipelines (Underground, Aboveground, Submarine)


Completion Date:



Madinah / Saudi Arabia


Pipe classification up to 84” high, 18 km total pipeline, Pipeline isometric design, Tank farm stress analysis, 2 main pump stations with a power of 30,000 m3/h, 1 booster pump station with 30,000 m3/h power

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