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Koryon Engineering established in 2017 and has risen rapidly with its experienced engineering staff and took its place in the sector. Since its establishment, in this short time since its establishment, it has signed projects not only in domestic projects, but also in important international locations such as Europe and the Middle East.


As Koryon Engineering, while providing engineering services in especially petrochemistry and many areas such as process facilities, refineries, power plants, fuel tanks and loading/unloading facilities, mining and infrastructure sectors. Thanks to our expertise in the field of design, site and management, our aim is meet an expectation of each customer's time, budget, performance, and quality targets.


All processes are managed systematically and efficiently at Koryon Engineering. All stages are frequently evaluated during both project design and field studies, so work is done within time planning. We aim to provide a safe working environment and to be preferred by our customers, as certified by our national and international documents.


In the changing economic process, our goal as Koryon Engineering is to constantly improve ourselves, to increase our competitiveness both nationally and internationally, and to achieve sustainable growth with our valued customers and colleagues.


As Koryon Engineering, we know that it is our colleagues who make us who we are and provide us with a big share in our rapid and sustainable growth. Since our establishment, we get our strength from our experienced staff. We continue to grow together with our customers, gain experience and increase our competitiveness.

Our Values




Management Letters

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ends his opening speech of the 1st Grand National Assembly of Turkey on April 24, 1920, with the sentence "Success is our eternal power that will ensure that our hopes do not fall into pessimism in our hearts even for a moment". In a period when production, industrialization and regeneration are very difficult, we are chasing our goals in the light of our achievements and experiences.


Establishing a company where qualified engineers would work together was among our dreams and goals as well as being a qualified engineer. After about 15 years of professional career in different companies, it has become easier for our dreams and goals to come to light. The support of each of our friends who joined us on the way to becoming a company, within the framework of our values, has been very effective and precious.


What enabled us to move forward in this process was nothing but our knowledge, experience and stance. Each of our friends who joined us day by day did not hesitate to show the same effort and devotion as us, did not spare their efforts and this synergy allowed our new friends to join us. We worked hard as a team, we did not spare our effort and we focused on our work to create the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. With each passing day, our power and influence increased.


Our goal is to be a company that gives pleasure, peace and trust to its employees, is known at the international level with its integrated engineering service approach, and whose outputs are trusted, and that goes further every day.


With the aim of getting stronger together,

Erinç Özkorucu

General Manager / Co-Founder

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Hakan Çalışkan
Engineering Manager / Co-Founder

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Koryon Engineering designs with the aim of protecting the sustainability of ecological regeneration.

The acceleration of industrialization in parallel with the increasing world population has led to the faster, uncontrolled and in a way ruthless use of natural resources. Sustainability actually means a stop to this; It is a philosophy that aims to ensure a more controlled use of these resources and to reduce the damage to nature to a minimum or even to zero.


In the light of these basic components, Koryon Engineering adopts sustainability and evaluate the sustainability being of efficiency, our debt to nature and legacy of generations to come.

Economic Sustainability

Economic sustainability is the establishment of a balance between earnings and ethical values. Koryon Engineering does not stray from ethical values while making financial plans, takes precautions against the problems that threaten the society and the world, and provides a serious profit in the long time.

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is about getting the support of working partners, stakeholders, and society. As Koryon Engineering, we have adopted the principle of treating our working partners fairly and having an ethical supply chain process so, a man-hour with more motivation and skills has been obtained.

Enviromental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is definiely the most important. We are reviewing existing processes to find better and greener alternatives; while reducing our carbon footprints and waste, reducing negative environmental impacts, and saving money.

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