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Nemport Electrical & Mechanical Works

Project Details:

2021 Nemport  Port  is  a  commercially  important  facility  used  for  STS,  RTG cranes  and  cooling  containers  in İzmir. With the work we have done here with Nemport, the existing facility capacity has been doubled, and 13 MVA electrical power has been added to the facility. All lighting and grounding systems were designed, soft dialux data and lux values were calculated in accordance with the customer and civil discipline. The need of the facility with increased power was determined, and the cable selection and routedrawing were carefully made according to the power of each crane.




Business Area:

Industrial Facilities


Completion Date:



Izmir / Turkey


All electrical system documents, Appropriate concrete kiosk selection, Field concrete kiosk layouts, Electrical buildings panel layouts, Preparation of single line diagram and load lists, Preparation of short circuit and load flow analysis report

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