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Ceyhan Chemical Storage Tank Farm FEED Project

Project Details:

Within  the  Ceyhan  Fertilizer  Plant, Chemical  and  Bitumen  storage  capacity  to be  established  with 50.000m3total capacity. Client to transfer products via truck and marine loading facilities. Within the scope of the project FEED performed. 50.000 m3of storage tank farm with services of Bitumen, MEG, Methanol, Caustic Soda, Sulphuric Acid.  FEED documentation prepared  with the process, mechanic, piping disciplines.


Toros Tarım                                


Business Area:

Storage Areas


Completion Date:



Adana / Turkey


PFD & PID, Tank farm layout, piping layout, Tank foundation pre-calculations and Foundation layouts, Hydraulic calculations (Pump capacity, Pipe sizing calculations)

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