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Areas of Business

Rafineriler ve Petrokimya Tesisleri

Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities

Koryon Engineering provides internal and external engineering services in refinery and petrochemical facilities with international standards. For capacity increase and efficiency projects we take part in, we ensure that customer targets are achieved with sustainable solutions in both legal requirements.

Enerji Santralleri

Energy Facilities

Cause of need for energy is increasing daily, we offer solutions in line with international standards, national regulations and customer targets in the establishment of fossil fueled renewable energy facilities.

Boru Hatları

Pipelines (Underground, Aboveground, Submarine )

Pipelines are of great importance in terms of meeting the product needs between producer and consumer countries. Precisely because of that, as Koryon Engineering, we provide our customers with route selection, pipeline planning, material selection and detailed engineering services in surface, underground or submarine pipeline projects.

Yangınla Mücadele Sistemleri

Fire Fighting Systems

We design fire fighting systems or verify existing fire fighting systems in plants or facilities according to industry standards. We design fire protection systems in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire regulations according to customer specific insurance requirements.

Depolama Sahaları

Storage Areas

We design underground, aboveground petroleum products, chemical or natural gas storage areas/fields established for security of supply or commercial activity at national or international level, in accordance with international standards at basic engineering, FEED (Front End Engineering Design) or detail engineering levels.

Maden Sahaları

Mining Areas

Koryon Engineering, offers solutions in the mining sector projects and construction consultancy by giving particular importance to occupational safety, living health and environmental sustainability principles, with international standards.

Dolum / Yükleme Tesisleri

Filling / Loading Facilities

As Koryon Engineering, we cover the demands of our customers with our knowledge and experience in the design of crude oil and petroleum products, natural gas and chemicals filling facilities in accordance with international standards.

İleri Mühendislik

Advanced Engineering

In structural mechanical analysis, we aim to find the effects of mechanical loading and boundary conditions on a physical structure and its components, and for this we benefit from the relevant fields of physics, mathematics, and material sciences.


We perform heat and flow analyses for engineering applications outside the limits of package programs in industrial fields with computational fluid dynamics studies.

Gübre ve Kimya Tesisleri

Fertilizer and Chemical Facilities

We provide solutions on the engineering side of the investments that chemical and fertilizer plants need due to process development, efficiency and local/international regulations with our competent team.

Endüstriyel Tesisler

Industrial Facilities

Koryon Engineering generate sustainable solutions by prioritizing worker health and environmental awareness in industrial facilities such as iron, steel and food.

Proses Güvenliği

Process Safety

With a rapidly growing experience in process and hazard analysis, KORYON Engineering offer both real-time and online HAZOP-LOPA studies to its customers. More than 20 projects, including whole plants or more simple debottlenecking projects, are finalized in the last 2 years. Our studies cover wide range of industry: Refining, petrochemicals, food, fertilizer, jetty, storage facility, utilities, fertilizer, aerospace.

Tersine Mühendislik Uygulamaları

Reverse Engineering Applications

Using three-dimensional scanning technologies such as laser and optical scanners, we create CAD models of the field and equipment, and create digital twins of your facilities with our experienced team. We work on the created model for current field updates and studies. As Koryon Engineering, we use reverse engineering methods in most of our projects and provide the best service to our customers.

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