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Truck Loading Facility in Refinery

Project Details:

The 3rd phase of heavy distillate truck loading terminal whose first two phases was constructed in previous years, was designed. 3rd phase designed in complience with  extract and wax loading requisitions. 

Within the scope of the project, integration via tie-ins to the existing site in the product tank farm, creation of a 3D model, design of extract and wax pump stations, static and piping designs of loading bays, whole field automation / instrument and electrical system design were made.

Koryon Engineering, has successfully designed the system to ensure a smooth integration with the existing facility and to make future investments.


Teknokon / Rafineri                                 


Business Area:

Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities


Completion Date:



70x2 m2 Pump Station (10 Pumps); 6000 m Process Piping, 4 Loading Bays

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