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BOTAŞ Salt Lake Underground Storage Expansion Project

Project Details

The capacity of the Salt Lake Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility in Aksaray (Mid-Anatolia) is being increased within the scope of the Phase-2 of the Project. It is aimed that the total storage volume will reach 5.4 billion cubic meters by increasing the current capacity by 4 times.

In project scope; Design of above-ground process systems needed for drilling underground storage wells, creation of underground and above-ground piping projects and 3D models, hydraulic analysis and pipe stress analysis, creation of process control systems and detail projects, preparation of system electrical infrastructure detail projects, purchase Necessary list, specification and information sheets are created, hazardous area classification and HAZOP studies are carried out.

Koryon Engineering, carries out the detailed engineering (in regards of Process, Piping, Instrumentation) works of this project, which has strategic importance for Turkey, meticulously




Business Area:

Storage Areas

Completion Date:



Aksaray / Turkey


40 New Underground Storage Well, 5 New Pump Station, 2 New Pig Station, 68 km Underground, 12 km Aboveground Piping & Pipe Line

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